Top Five Carry-On Packing Tips

Tip #1: Start with a packing list   

Packing your Carry-On doesn’t need to be a challenge. But it can be when you’re not sure where to start. That’s why we think every great trip whether for business or leisure starts with a packing list. It’s essential to have a list for where you’re headed to ensure you’re only packing what you need, and this allows you to maximize your Carry-On space by packing must have items vs. throwing a bunch of things together that won’t be used. We understand how tempting it can be to pack your whole closet, but we promise you won’t wear everything you pack if that’s your strategy. By starting with a packing list, you will also minimize the risk of forgetting items that are needed for your trip and a list is something you can review prior to departure to ensure everything you need is in there.

Tip #2: Roll, don’t fold to maximize items packed

Folding clothes can take up extra space. We recommend that you roll the majority of your items to be able to pack everything you need and to make sure your items are more compact than the counterpart to folding. Rolling clothes usually minimizes the risk of wrinkles and creases but there may be a few pieces that require folding to avoid wrinkles due to fabric type.

Tip #3: Keep in-flight essentials in your Carry-On bag for under your seat

There’s nothing worse than having to open the overhead bin to find your bag, take it down and shuffle through your belongings to find what you’re looking for. Not only that, it can disrupt your fellow airline neighbors. That’s why we recommend keeping all of your inflight essentials in a Pacific Bags Carry-On bag (or Pacific Bags Weekender) that fits under your seat for easy access. Everything is in arm's reach and you won’t have to bug any neighbors… a real win – win!

Tip #4: Pack an extra change of clothes in your Carry-On bag or luggage

We don’t like saying this, but with a checked bag you run the risk of it being lost, stolen or delayed. Packing an extra change of clothes in your Carry-On bag or luggage can be an absolute lifesaver if the above happens to you and your luggage.

Tip #5: Always pack your Pacific Bags packable tote or backpack for additional space

Pack light and right with our packable totes and backpacks that can be easily stuffed into compact size in your Carry-On. Our packables are a great addition for wherever your travels take you and can be used while shopping, hiking, sightseeing, grocery shopping, museum visits and more. You won’t even notice the space our packables take.

We promise following our packing tips will help make your travels more pleasant. Let us know some of your favorite packing tips for your Carry-On bag and Carry-On luggage in the comments below.

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